About Us

We Are

A Global Digital Production Agency with expertise to maximise your business growth online with our E-Commerce solutions. We Maintain and Develop Websites with over 12 years industry experience. Our Developers and Project Managers have worked with the likes of Sky, ASOS and GTB (a WPP company) on Ford Motor Company accounts. We work with the best Developers remotely across the globe. Ask us about our SEO friendly, modern Designs and easy to update Websites.

What We Do

We specialise in delivering Websites including E-commerce solutions, Portals, Platforms, Web Apps, iOS & Android Apps for bespoke digital solutions, Website Maintenance and Content Management. Stand out, be present, be professional. We give your business the online presence you need for a professional ‘shop window’. We believe your brand should hold current Web Design, Development and functionality standards meeting your business goals and audience needs.

Previously, we have held Coding Programs and Workshops for adults at Google Campus via Codecademy and CodingLdn and Mentoring for Aspiring Acorns for 16-19 year olds at The News building in London Bridge. Our ethos is to empower young people to take on problem solving, improve their Maths, build their confidence, resilience and to enhance their creativity.

More On Us

Our Purpose is to collaborate with the best Designers and Developers to deliver great products and services for our Clients.

How we started – Our Founder has been coding since she was 12 years old and has journeyed as a Developer and Technical Project Manager in industry leading companies ever since. Afro Butterfly was born in 2014.

Our Speciality

Our Team specialise in User Experience Design, Responsive & Mobile Development, Content Management and Voice Assistance Development.